Humans crave story.

Whether we’re huddled around the campfire, snuggled in the depths of our favorite chair, or engaged in our workday, we look to storytellers for inspiration. Tales of triumph and failure provoke us to action and give our lives meaning. They help us believe in the power of good intention and hard work—that things will turn out. Through story we begin to understand other people and new ideas, and we learn empathy for what’s different from or new to us. We find connection. We grow.

I’m Victoria Tirrel. As a communications consultant, storytelling is my business and the tools of storytelling are my craft. I’m both a writer and editor. I have creative and technical capabilities in print, web, and film. And I’ve got diverse experience in all the kinds of management—project, team, and brand—that turn an idea into reality.

Before launching a full-time consulting practice, I spent the majority of my career providing strategic and tactical communications consulting and management for a large private foundation. In that role, I wrote content, developed marketing efforts, built websites, produced more than 20 publications (including two magazine series), and hired and managed consultants, creatives, and vendors. Learn more about my expertise.